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Manpower Supply Services

We recruit and place certified and qualified professional and non-professional (expatriate and non-expatriate) personnel whenever requested by our clients. We provide very cost-effective manpower solutions to our clients. We are ready to provide, at short notice, Professional Administrative and Management Personnel, Project Managers, Skilled and Unskilled Personnel, etc for any kind of industry, Construction, Medical, including Engineering or Education but particularly in the Oil and Gas upstream and downstream sectors. We have world-class experience and access to a pool of qualified personnel through our membership of networks of reputable local and international agencies for the oil and gas industry such as Reed, Chronos Oil and Gas Limited and Spencer Ogden Limited both in the U.K. Our established network affiliations with reputable recruitment agencies across the globe afford us the flexibility of both local and international recruitment cutting across various continents. Our database of qualified and Experienced engineering manpower covers all major disciplines in Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning and decommissioning. We are proud of our unique capabilities, achievements, cost effectiveness and the quality of services we provide.

Data Bank of over 100,000 Qualified Resumes 

We maintain a personnel Data bank, which covers every field, trade and profession. Urgently needed manpower can be at your work site in as little as before 2 weeks from the time of first enqiury. The Data Bank has been maintained to save our clients valuable time and energy. We are engaged in constantly enlarging and updating this storehouse. Each of the resumes has been classified by age, education, experience and trade specifications. Every candidate on our computer files has been pre-interviewed in-depth and screened with care. All the facts and figures submitted by the applicants are thoroughly verified.


Value - Improving Services

Our commitment to meet Clients' specifications and to match them with job seekers’ requirements and aspirations have enabled us to develop in-house recruitment methodology that has worked efficiently over the years. Our team of experts undertakes the activities below to handle clients’ and job seekers’ requirements.


  • Submission and processing of qualified resumes, interviews, verification of credentials including orientation/induction and all relevant engagement formalities.​

  • Administration of personnel relocation

  • Cultural preparedness for families of new hires

  •  Meet and greet services

  • Provision of housing facilities, security and in-country transportation particularly  for expatriate personnel.

  • Administration and management of compliance with all specified safety rules and regulations while on duty.

  • Administration of statutory obligations such as Taxes, Pension and other country specific employment requirements, etc.

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