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Strong Financial Capacity

Commitment to QHSE

Innovation and Growth

Over the years, Diamond Technical Company Limited has established and growing revenue base that supports a reliable rising profile in strength, management and competence. This is attributable to the commitment, resilience and efficiency of its staff and management. The foundation of the company's growing strength is its acknowledged testimony of reliability with its clients and its bankers. We probably have at least a 90% success record in this area and stand to be contradicted. We have no doubt that our clients such as The Shell Development Company of Nigeria Limited, NetcoDietsmann, ZB Joint Ventures and Shell Nigeria Exploration and  Development Company (SNEPCo) as well as our bankers will ever be willing to bear us witness in this regard. Promises for support and calls for financial relationships from various financial institutions have therefore continued to come .

It is the policy of Diamond Technical Company Limited to provide products and services that satisfy the client's needs, meet specified quality requirements and that they are in accordance with contractural, code and regulatory requirements. We remain committed to the attainment of all the standards set by the ISO 9001-2000 series for quality standards and ISO 14000 for the safety and protection of the environment in all our operations. At Diamond Technical Company Limited, Quality Control Assurance and Management are given the greatest priority all through the implementation of any project. Our policy is to surpass all quality specifications and standards laid down by the client as well as well as by all statutory and international requirements. To guide us adequately to effectively monitor, attain and sustain the above objectives a Quality Manual and a Quality plan are constantly in place and religiously patronized. All project personnel are made adequately conversant with Quality Policy, Quality Plan and set Quality Standards for every project. An integrated management systems which is customer focused, process, performance, and improvement driven are in place to cater for all key elements in Quality Management. Diamond Technical Company Limited believes that a good HSE performance is an integral part of an efficient and profitable business management and affirms that HSE is of equal importance with every other operational activity. Furthermore the safety, health and security of each employee are fundamental responsibility and must be of concern to all.

We have are developing a suite of innovative products and relationships which we intend to reveal in due course,

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